Coming back to earth

Breaking through the finite edges

In following one of the main themes of my sabbatical, and thanks to a Google Offer at Christmas, I checked one of the major...
Goal Setting

The 5 Goals for My Sabbatical

After giving it some thought, I have realized what my themes are for my sabbatical this month. Having never before taking more than two...

Four Leadership Lessons from my Ukrainian Team

For the past two and a half years, I have been working with technical teams based in the Ukraine. My staff there has been...
A great evening with the team at a Cuban restaurant in Kiev.

A new chapter

After two-and-a-half years with the SysIQ family of companies — including the past year and a half as President of Astound Commerce — I...
Past Present and Future

Regret-Based Decision-Making

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had an unusual string of conversations with people about regret.  Or, more accurately, about people making decisions...
World Traveler

When are you moving home?

Much to my eternal surprise, I still find myself getting this question.  People seem to assume that the only reason I haven’t yet moved...
I Heart NY

I still HEART New York… Much to my Surprise

I have a confession to make: by the time we moved out of New York in 2008, I was burnt out on the Big...

I had a plan

Even the best plans eventually have to be revised.

Tradition isn’t Good Enough

As an agent of change, I spend the vast majority of my time examining why people do things the way they do them in...
Matrix Partially Coded

The Process of Processing Information

Learning to understand how I process information has become increasingly important to my ability to manage my career. My early, haphazard career steps...